ENT AUGUST 2005 (Revised Scheme)

Long Essay: 10 marks each

1. Define cholesteatoma. Discusss briefly the complications of atticoantral disease.

2. Describe the etiology, investigations of a case of epstaxis


Short Essay: 5 marks each

3. Brief account of laryngocele

4. Management of secretory otitis media

5. Investigations in a case of carcinoma esophagus

6. Meniere’s disease

7. Difference between the right and left recurrent laryngeal nerve anatomy

8. Sudden hearing loss

9. Fungal infection of nose and paranasal sinuses

10. Mention the branches of external carotid artery

11. Tracheostomy tubes

12. Causes of deafness in a child


Short Answer: 3 marks each

 13. Indications for direct laryngoscopy

14. Hematoma septum

15. Space of Gillette

16. Laryngeal web

17. Esophageal voice

18. Indications for grommet insertion in ear

19. Lingual tonsillitis

20. Middle ear causes of facial nerve paralysis

21. Anatomy of middle meatus of nose

22. Thyroid cartilage

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