ENT March 2004 (Revised Scheme)

 Long Essay: 10 marks each

 1. Draw a labeled diagram of middle ear cleft. Discuss the etiopathology, symptomology and management of malignant otitis externa

2. Discus the etiopathology, symtomology and treatment of peritonsillar abcess


Short Essay: 5 marks each

 3. How will you differentiate antrochoanal polyp from ethmoidal polypi

4. Treatment of bilateral profound hearing loss

5. Describe the causes and management of nasal bone fractures

6. Treatment of traumatic perforation of tympanic membrane

7. Indications and contraindications of rigid bronchoscopy

8. Indications and complications of SMR

9. Management of foreign body in the ear

10. Differential diagnosis of bilateral nasal obstruction

11. Treatment of furnculosis

12. Surgical management of acute otitis media in stage of exudation


Short Answer: 3 marks each

 13. Causes of decannulation problem

14. Rhinosporidiosis

15. Pathology of surgical mastoiditis

16. Basic principles of functional endoscopic sinus surgery

17. Allergic rhinitis

18. T1 glottic malignancy

19. CSF rhinorrhea

20. Rhinnes test

21. Vocal nodule

22. Ethmoidal polypi

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