Ophthalmology March 2004 (Revised Scheme)

Long Essay: 10 marks each

 01. What are the causes for sudden loss of vision in adults? What is the etiology, fundus picture and differential diagnosis of papilloedema

02. Describe the etiology, clinical features and treatment of fungal corneal ulcer


Short Essay: 5 marks each


03. Signs and symptoms and treatment of vernal catarrh

04. How do you recognize and treat secondary glaucoma due to hypermature cataract

05. What are the clinical signs of iridocyclitis

06. Brief anatomy of cornea

07. What are the field changes in primary open angle glaucoma

08. What is anisometropic amblyopia? How do you treat it

09. What is trachoma control project

10. What are the investigations done before cataract surgery

11. What are the signs, symptoms and treatment of acute dacrocystitis

12. What is presbyopia? How do you treat it


Short Answer: 3 marks each

 13. Mention three lasers used in ophthalmology

14. What is the surgical treatment for myopia

15. What is the origin, insertion and nerve supply of superior oblique muscle

16. Mention three miotics

17. What are the indications for peripheral iridectomy

18. What are the indications for keratoplasty

19. Mention three causes of optic atrophy

20. Describe the fundus picture of central retinal artery occlusion

21. Mention three causes of ptosis

22. How is aqueous humor formed?

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