Pharmacology Paper 2 March 2005

Pharmacology Paper 2 March 05


Long Essay: 9 marks each

01. Classify beta blockers. Write the pharmacological actions, adverse effects and drug interactions of beta blockers

02. Enumerate the drugs used fot the treatment of diabetes mellitus. Discuss the mechanism of actions and adverse effects of oral hypoglycemic drugs


Short Essay: 5 marks each

03. Therapeutic uses and side effects of rifampicin

04. Plasma expanders

05. Liquid paraffin

06. Roxithromycin

07. Side effects of metronidazole

08. Side effects of phenytoin sodium

09. Fluconazole

10. Drug therapy of ascariasis

11. Treatment of organphosphorus poisoning

12. Low dose heparin therapy


Short Answer: 2 marks each

13. Use of ondansetron in vomiting (Rationale)

14. Use of citrovorum factoring methotrexate toxicity (Reasoning)

15. Use of coronary vasodilators in diabetes mellitus patients with ischemic heart disease (Rationale)

16. Atropine eye drops are contraindicated in glaucoma ( Reasoning)

17. Use of nimodipine in subarachnoid hemorrhage ( rationale)

18. Verapamil is avoided in patients with congestive cardiac failure (rationale)

19. Indiacations for statins

20. Combination of clavulanic acid with amoxicillin (Rationale)

21. Short course chemotherapy in pulmonary tuberculosis (rationale)

22. Side effects of metoclopropamide

23. Ten uses of aspirin

24. Five uses of chloroquin

25. Contraindications for streptokinase therapy

26. Third generation of cephlosporins, advantages

27. Indications for co-trimoxazole

28. Indications for hypertonic glucose infusion


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