Biochemistry (Revised Scheme 2), August 05

Long essays
1. Name the ketone bodies.give two conditions characterized by excessive production of ketone bodies. Explain the metabolic derangements and consequences of ketosis.

Short essays
2. Explain the role of hypoglycemic hormones
3. Metabolic functions of cysteine
4. What is oxidative phosphorylation?what is chemiosmotic theory
5. Classify lipo proteins.mention their functions
6. Therapeutic uses of enzymes.

Short answers
7.Define oncogenes

8.Name mucopolysaccharides. Mention their functions.
9.Give brief account on quarternary structure of proteins
10. Define free radicals
11.Name subcellular organelles. Which are metabolic functions of cytosols?

Long essays:

12.Explain the steps of activation,initiation,elongation& termination of protein biosynthesis.

Short essays:
13.Explain metabolic role of thiamine & its deficiency manifestation
14.What is anion gap?explain normal anion gap acidosis and high anion gap acidosis with
15.Lesch nyhan syndrome & orotic aciduria.
16.What is mutation?give an account on point mutation.
17.What is nitrogen balance?explain factors affecting nitrogen balance.
Short answers
18.Degradation of heme
20.What is polymerase chain reaction?mention its applications
21.What are metabolic roles of zinc & selenium?
22.Which are biologically Important nucleotides?mentio their functions.


Question Paper submitted by:
2003-04 Batch,
VIMS, Bellary.


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