Forensic Medicine (Old Scheme) May 2000

Maximum: 90 Marks.
I. Long essays:

1. Explain the procedure of recording dying declaration. Enumerate the differences between dying declaration and dying deposition.
2. Describe the briefly the function of Indian Medical Council and State Medical Council.

II. Short essays:

3. Postmortem cooling.
4. Cadaveric spasm.
5. Testamentary capacity.
6. Coup and contra coup injury.
7. Hesitation cuts.
8. Mummification.
9. Infanticide.
10. Pathophysiology of drowning.
11. Auto-erotic death.
12. Plumbism.

III. Short Answers:

13. Statutory rape.
14. Paedophilia.
15. Universal antidote.
16. Hippus.
17. Carboluria.
18. Vitriolage.
19. Korsakoff’s psychosis.
20. Magnan’s syndrome.
21. Lucid interval.
22. Ricochet bullet.

Question Paper submitted by:
2003-04 Batch, BMC


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