Forensic Medicine (Old Scheme) Nov 2001

Maximum: 90 Marks.

I. Long essays:
1.Enumerate eight clauses of Grevious hurt. Mention the differences between laceration and incised wound.
2.Enumerate the various data which help in establishing identity of a person. What is dactylography? Mention its types.

II Short essays:
3. Outline the procedure of superimposition and mention the medicolegal importance.
4. What is suspended animation ? What is its importance ? Mention three conditions in which it is seen.
5. Indicate for holding Magistrate’s Inquest.
6. Write in detail about various types of witnesses in a court of law. Add a note on Hostile witness.
7. What is therapeutic misadventure? Mention its significance.
8. What is Intersex? What are the various types?
9. Human organ transplantation act.
10. How do you differentiate between antemortem and postmortem Injuries.
11. What are the prerequisites and important rules concerned with medicolegal Autopsy.
12. Therapeutic asphyxia.

III. Short answers:
13. Paultof’s haemorrhage.
14. Vaginismus.
15. Surrogate mother.
16. Suis as cattle poisons.
17. Somnambulism.
18. Carbamate poisoning.
19. Name poisons whose symptoms ressemble natural disease.
20. Role of I.M.C. with regard to penal erasure.
21. Corporate Negligence.
22. DNA finger printing.

Question Paper submitted by:
Naganath. K
2003-04 Batch, BMC


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