Forensic Medicine (Revised Scheme) April 2001

Maximum: 100 Marks.
I. Long essays:
1. What is time since death? What is its significance? Mention the various factors that help in establishing the time since death.
2. What are the symptoms and signs, Mechanism of action, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Organophosphorus compound poisoning.
II. Short essays:
3. What is dying declaration? Describe in brief the procedure of recoding it.
4. Enumerate five examples of serious professional misconduct.
5. Outline the procedure of superimposition and mention the medico-legal importance.
6. Preservation of viscera in suspected case of poisoning.
7. Type of abrasions. Mention its medico-legal importance.
8. Burking.
9. Battered baby syndrome. Outline the features and injuries.
10. M.T.P. Act of 1971.
11. Define Impulse. What are the various types of impulse.
12. What are the various types of Hymen? Who is a false Virgin?

III. Short Answers:
13. Objectives of cross examination during recording of evidence.
14. Role of I.M.C. with regard of penal erasure
15. Duties of patient and its significance in Negligence suits.
16. Secondary sexual characters.
17. Primary skin incisions for opening the body during autopsy.
18. Methods of preservation of a dead body.
19. What is meant by tailing of incised wound? What does it indicate?
20. What is meant by caliber of a Fire arm?
21. Partial Hanging.
22. Voyerism.
23. Specimens to be collected from A victim of Rape.
24. Write briefly about testamentary capacity.
25. What are the signs and symptoms in a patient which arouse suspicion of poisoining.
26. Breath Analyser.
27. How do you diagnose that death is due to burns in a charred body
28. Why ethyl alcohol is used as antidote in methyl alcohol poisoning.

Question Paper Submitted by:
2003-04 Batch, BMC


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