Forensic Medicine (Revised Scheme) Nov 2001

Maximum: 100 Marks.
I. Long essays:
1. Define Strangulation. Mention the various types. outline the differences between hanging and strangulation.
2. Classify insanity? What is a delusion ? Describe the variou types of delusions.

II. Short Essays:
3. What are Tattoo marks? How are they produced ? Mention their medico-legal importance.
4. What is exhumation ? Where is it done ? Briefly outline the procedure.
5. Explain how Karnataka Medical Council takes disciplinary action over RMP’s
6. Indications for holding Magistrate Inquest.
7. Medicolegal importance of teeth.
8. Obscure autosy.
9. What is artificial insemination ? what are types and indications? what precautions the
doctor has to take while conducting artificial insemination.
10. Mention the differences between stil born and live born factor.
11. Write in brief about different grades of Mental-subnormalities.
12. Mention signs and symptoms of scorpion sting.

III. Short Answers:

13. Medico-legal importance of bite marks.
14. Procedure of identification of unknown dead body.
15. Diaphoretics.
16. Cattle poisons.
17. Atavism.
18. Medico-legal aspects of pregnancy.
19. Abortion Stick.
20. Objectives of medico-legal autopsy.
21. Injuries due to exposure to cold.
22. Post traumatic amnesi.
23. Primary incisions for opening dead bodies in autops
24. Cephalic index.
25. Medico-legal importance of Hair.
26. What constitute dowry death?
27. What is sex chromatin.
28. Poroscopy

Question Paper submitted by:
Naganath. K
2003-04 Batch, BMC


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