Forensic medicine Chap 2: LEGAL PROCEDURE

[7] Inquest by Police, Magistrate & Coroner
[2] Courts in India and their powers:
Supreme Court, High court, Sessions court, Additional session’s court,
Magistrate’s court, Coroner’s court.
[3] Court procedures:
Summons, conduct money, oath, affirmation, perjury, types of witnesses, types of examination, recording evidence, court questions, conduct of doctor in witness box, medical examiner’s system.
[4] Medical certification and Medico legal reports, including dying declaration, dying deposition.

Long Essays:
1. What is subpoena? Describe the procedure of recording of evidence in a court of law? [RS Mar 06]
2. Explain the procedure of recording dying declaration. Enumerate the differences between dying declaration and dying deposition. [RS May 2000]

Short essays:
1. Indications for holding “Magistrate’s Inquest.” [OS Nov 01], [RS Nov 01]
2. Magistrate inquest. [RS Mar 06]
3. What is summons? What should a doctor do if he receives summons from two courts for the same day? [RS Apr 02]
4. Write in detail about various types of witnesses in a court of law. Add a note on Hostile witness. [RS Mar 05], [RS Sep 02], [OS Nov 01]
5. Enumerate the various types of “Documentary Evidence.” Add a note on” DyingDeclaration.” [RS Mar 03]
6. What is dying declaration? Describe in brief the procedure of recording it. [RS Apr 01]
7. Dying declaration. [RS Mar 06], [RS May 00], [OS Sep 02]

Short Answers:
1. Summons [RS May 00]
2. Conduct money [RS Sep 02]
3. Perjury [RS Sep 04], [RS Apr 02], [OS Sep 02], [OS Mar 99]
4. Expert witness [RS May 00], [OS Sep 02]
5. Objectives of cross examination during recording of evidence. [RS Mar 03], [RS Apr 01]
6. Aims of cross examination [RS Mar 04]
7. Dying declaration. [OS Apr 02], [OS Mar 99]


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