Forensic Medicine Chap 3: MEDICAL LAW AND ETHICS

[1] Indian Medical Council & State Medical Councils: their disciplinary control
[2] Indian Medical Register ,Rights & privileges of Registered Medical Practitioners,
Penal erasure, Infamous conduct, and disciplinary committee.
[3] Code and law of medical ethics, unethical practice, dichotomy, consumer protection act.
[4] Professional secrecy, privileged communication.

[5] Malpraxis: Civil, Criminal and ethical.
[6] Consent, negligence, vicarious liability, the doctrine of Res Ipsa Loquitur,
Contributory negligence.

[7] Duties of a medical practitioner towards his patient and the society.
[8] Human organ transplantation act of 1994.

[9] PNDT Act (Revised 1994)
[10]Sex determination by Amniocentesis.

[12]Torture medicine
[13]The biomedical waste [Management and handling] [second amendment]
rules, 2000.

[11]. f. Workman’s compensation act.
[23]Biomedical waste: Types, potential risks and their safe management.

Long Essays:
1. Describe the constitution & functions of Medical Council of India. [RS Mar 03]
2. Discuss the constitution & functions of Indian Medical Council. [4+6] [OS Sep 02]
3. Describe briefly the functions of Indian Medical Council and State Medical
Councils. [OS May 00]
4. Define infamous conduct. Explain with suitable examples. Mention how State Medical Council takes disciplinary action for infamous conduct. [OS Apr 02] [3+5+2]
5. Define the term medical negligence, and its ingredients. Mention four defenses and precautions for negligence. [RS Sep 04]
6. Describe civil and criminal negligence with suitable examples. Describe the precautions to be taken by a doctor to avoid a charge of negligence. [RS Apr 02]

Short Essays:
1. Describe briefly how Karnataka Medical Council takes disciplinary action over Registered Medical Practitioners. [RS Nov 01]
2. Role of I.M.C. with regard to Medical Education. [RS Apr 02]
3. Enumerate five examples of serious professional misconduct. [RS Apr 01]
4. Liability for civil negligence by doctors. What are the main conditions that are to be satisfied? (2+3) [RS Mar 05], [RS Sep 02]
5. Consent. [OS Mar 99]
6. Medical negligence. [RS May 00]
7. Describe “Vicarious Liability” in the hospital treatment of the patient. [OS Sep 02]
8. “Res Ipsa Loquitur” [OS Apr 02]
9. What is therapeutic misadventure? Mention its significance. [OS Nov 01]
10. Human organ transplantation act. [OS Nov 01]
11. Write about euthanasia? [RS Mar 06]
12. Current trends in euthanasia. [RS Mar 03]

Short Answers:
1. Penal erasure. [RS Mar 04]
2. Erasure of name. [RS Mar 06]
3. Professional misconduct (infamous conduct). [OS Mar 99]
4. Role of IMC with regard to penal erasure. [RS Apr 01], [OS Nov 01]
5. Role of MCI with regard to penal erasure. [RS Sep 02]
6. Write about Dichotomy & Covering. [RS Apr 02]
7. Professional secret. [RS Mar 06]
8. Previleged communications. [RS Mar 04], [RS May 00]
9. Implied consent. [OS Sep 02]
10. Loco parentis. [RS May 00]
11. Vicarious responsibility. [RS Mar 06], [RS Mar 04]
12. Res Ipsa Loquitur. [RS Sept 04]
13. Duties of patient and its significance in negligence suits. [RS Apr 01]
14. Corporate negligence. [OS Nov 01]
15. Vicarious liability. [RS Mar 03]


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