Forensic Medicine Chap 5: MEDICOLEGAL AUTOPSIES

[10].Medico legal autopsies:
a] Definition of a medico legal post mortem
b] Difference between pathological & medico legal post mortem
c] Objectives, procedures, formalities of medico legal autopsies
e] Special procedures in suspected poisoning.
f] Precautions in autopsy of HIV infected body, radiation injury.
[9] Examination of mutilated, human remains, skeletal remains; & exhumation.

Short Essays:
1. Differences between medico legal & clinical autopsies. [OS Apr 02],
[OS Apr 01]
2. Write about viscera preservation for chemical analysis. [RS Mar 04]
3. Preservation of viscera in a suspected case of poisoning. [RS Apr 01]
4. What are the prerequisites & important rules concerned with medicolegal autopsy? [OS Nov 01]
5. Explain the objectives of skeletal examination. [RS Dec 04]
6. What is Exhumation? When is it done? Briefly outline the procedure. [RS Apr 02], [OS Sept 02]
7. What is Exhumation? Where is it done? Briefly outline the procedure. [RS Nov 01]

Short Answers:
1. Aims and objectives of medicolegal autopsies. [RS Mar 04]
2. Objectives of medicolegal autopsy. [RS Mar 05], [RS Nov 01],
[OS Sept 02]
3. Heart dissection procedure at autopsy. [RS Dec 04]
4. Primary skin incisions for opening the body during Autopsy. [RS Apr 02],
[RS Apr 01]
5. Primary skin incisions for opening dead bodies in autopsies. [RS Mar 05],
[RS Nov 01]
6. Exhumation. [RS Mar 06]
7. Second autopsy. [RS Mar 03]
8. Name two conditions where you can opine regarding the cause of death after post mortem of a highly decomposed dead body. [OS Apr 02]


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