Forensic Medicine Chap 17: SEXUAL OFFENSES

[17]b. Sexual Offenses: Rape-Definition, examination of victim and the accused in case of rape, gang rape, custodial rape.
Unnatural offenses-Tribadism, Bestiality, Buccal coitus, Sodomy.
Sexual perversions: Sadism, Masochism, Transvestism, Voyeurism, Indecent assault.
[22] Seminal stains: Examination, identification, collection, preservation,
Long essay:
1. Define Rape. Describe the procedure of examination of a victim of rape. Add a note on materials to be preserved during examination. [3+5+2] [OS Apr 02]

Short essay:
1. Classify sexual offenses. Write about sodomy. [RS Mar 04]
2. Bestiality. [OS Apr 01]
3. Section 375 I.P.C. [OS Mar 99]

Short answers:
1. Statutory rape. [OS May 00]
2. Specimens to be collected from a victim of rape. [RS Apr 01]
3. Incest. [RS Apr 02]
4. Paedophilia. [OS Apr 01] ,[OS May 00]
5. Tribadism. [RS Mar 06], [RS Mar 03]
6. Bestiality. [RS Sept 02], [OS Apr 02]
7. Sadism. [RS Apr 02] , [OS Sept 02]
8. Masochism. [RS Mar 03]
9. Fetishism. [OS Apr 01]
10. Trans-Vestism. [RS Mar 04]
11. Voyeurism. [RS Mar 04] , [RS Apr 01]


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