Forensic Medicine Chap 24: GENERAL CONSIDERATIONS

[1] General aspects Of poisoning:
Duties of a duty doctor in cases of poisoning; medicolegal autopsy in poisoning; preservation and dispatch of viscera for Chemical analysis.
Laws related to poisons.

Long essay:
1. Define poison. With the help of a neat labeled diagram, describe the equipment
used and explain the procedure of gastric lavage. Enumerate the contra-
indications for gastric lavage. [OS Mar 99]
2. General lines of treatment of a poisoned patient. [RS May 00]
3. How do you diagnose poisoning in the living and dead? What are the materials to be preserved in the casualty? What are the viscera that are to be preserved for chemical analysis during autopsy in a case of poisoning?
[OS Apr 01]
4. Enumerate The general principles of treating a poisoning case. Add a note on gastric lavage and antidotes. [4+3+3] [OS Sept 02]

Short essay:
1. Mention the legal duties of doctor while treating a case of poisoning.
[RS Mar 05] , [RS Sept 02]
2. legal responsibilities of a doctor in a case of poisoning. [RS Dec 04]
3. What are antidotes? Classify with suitable examples. [OS Apr 02]
4. Antidote. [OS Mar 99]

Short answer:
1. Name two poisons whose signs and symptoms resemble diseases.
[OS Apr 02]
2. What are the signs and symptoms in a patient which arouse suspicion of
poisoning? [RS Apr 01]
3. Name poisons whose symptoms resemble natural diseases.[OS Nov 01]
4. Cattle poisons. [RS Nov 01] , [RS Mar 05]
5. Universal antidote.[RS Mar 06],[RS Mar 04],[RS Mar 03],[OS May 00]
6. Diaphoretics. [RS Mar 05],[RS Nov 01]
7. Chelating agents. [RS Dec 04]


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