Forensic Medicine Chap 25: AGRICULTURAL POISONS:

[2] Types of poison, diagnosis of poisoning, principles of therapy and medico
legal aspects of poisoning of:

k. Insecticides: Organo-phosphorus compounds, Endrin,
Rodenticides .

Long essay:
1. Write about symptoms and signs of acute organo-phosphorus poisoning. How will you treat? [RS Mar 04]
2. What are the symptoms and signs, mechanism of action, Diagnosis, and treatment of organophosphorus compound poisoning. [RS Apr 01]

Short essay:
1 Outline the treatment of organo phosphorus poisoning. [RS Mar 03]
2. How do you treat a case of organo-phosphorous compound poisoning?
[OS Apr 02]
3. What are the precautions to be taken by farmers while spraying insecticides?
[OS Sept 02]

Short Answer:
1 Carbamate poisoning. [OS Nov 01]


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