Forensic Medicine Chap 36: CARDIAC POISONS

[2] Types of poison, diagnosis of poisoning, principles of therapy and medico
legal aspects of poisoning of:

i. Cardiac poisons: Aconite, Cerbera thevetia and Nerium odalum, Oleanders and hydrocyanic acid.

Short essay:
1. How do you treat a case of cyanide poisoning? [RS Mar 03]

Short answers:
1. Hippus. [RS Apr 02] ,[OS May 00]
2. Treatment of cyanide poisoning. [RS Dec 04]
3. Aphrodisiacs. [RS Mar 03]


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  1. Samiksha said,

    24, September , 2013 at 9:22 pm

    Can i get a proper definition of cardiac poison and also some of the examples

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