Forensic Medicine Chap 8: MECHANICAL INJURIES

[11] Mechanical Injuries & wounds:
a. Definition, Classification and differentiation of abrasion, contusion, laceration,
chop wounds, incised wounds, stab wounds.
b. Weapons: Types of weapons: Dangerous weapons and elementary ballistics.
c. Wounds due to weapons: injuries by dangerous weapons, fire arm wounds,
blast injuries, stab wounds, incised wounds, defense cuts, hesitation cuts, self-
inflicted injuries, fabricated wounds.

[12] Examination of an injury case:
a. Differences between accidental; suicidal & homicidal injuries.


Long essay:
1. Enumerate eight clauses of grievous hurt. Mention The differences between
laceration and incised wound. [RS Nov 01]

Short essay:
1. How do you Differentiate between postmortem staining and bruise? [RS Mar 06]
2. Differentiate between postmortem staining and bruise. [RS Mar 04]
3. Types of Abrasions. Mention its medico legal importance.
[RS Mar 05], [RS Apr 01]
4. Differences Between incised and lacerated wounds. [RS May 00]
5. Hesitation Cuts. [RS May 00]
6. What are defense wounds? Outline their Characteristics. [RS Apr 02], [OS Apr 01]
7. Fabricated wound. [OS Mar 99]
8. Differences between wounds of entry and exit of gunshot through the head.
[RS Mar 06]
9. How will you differentiate between wound of entry and wound of exit of rifled firearm.? [RS Mar 04]

10.outline The differences between suicidal & homicidal injuries.[OS Apr 01]

Short answers:
1. Defense wounds. [RS Mar 06] , [RS May 00]
2. Self inflicted injuries, [RS Mar 03]
3. What is meant by tailing of an incised wound? What does It indicate?
[RS –Apr,2001]
4. Types of Abrasion [OS SEPT 02]
5. Hesitation Cuts. [RS SEPT 02]
6. Tandem bullet. [RS Apr 02]
7. Choking of gun [RS Mar 06]
8. What is meant by caliber of a firearm. [RS Apr 01]
9. Dum-dum-bullet. [RS Dec 04]
10. Ricochet bullet. [OS May 00]


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