XIV. Pathology of the Alimentary Tract
[1] b. Esophagus-inflammatory, functional disorders and tumours and precancerous lesions.

[2] Stomach: Gastritis, Ulcer and tumors.
[3] Inflammatory diseases of small intestine: typhoid, Tuberculosis, Crohn’s and Malabsorbtion syndromes.

[4] Inflammatory diseases of large intestine: Amoebic colitis, Bacillary dysentery, Ulcerative colitis, appendicitis, Mesenteric thrombosis, enterocolitis, diverticulosis & Hirschsprung Disease.
[5] Tumours and tumour like condition of the small and large intestine: Polyps, carcinoid, carcinoma, Lymphoma, Apudomas.
[8] Intussusception.Questions:
1. Define peptic ulcer. Mention the sites. Describe the pathogenesis and pathology of chronic gastric ulcer. [1+2+4+2=9 Marks] [RS Nov 01, P2]
2. Describe the differences between ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease.
[RS Mar 05, P2]
3. Classify tumours of large intestine. Discuss etiopathogenesis and pathology of carcinoma of the colon. [3+3+3=9] [RS Mar 03, P2]
1. Barrett oesophagus. [RS Mar 06, P2]
2. Write a note on Barrett’s oesophagus. [OS Apr 02]
3. Helicobacter pylori. [RS Mar 06, P2]
4. Role of H’pylori in gastric ulcer. [RS Mar 04, P2]
5. Linitis plastica. [OS Apr 01]
6. Etiology of duodenal ulcer. [RS Dec 04, P2]
7. Malabsorption syndrome. [RS Sept 02, P2]
8. Amoebic ulcer intestine-gross, microscopy and complications.
[RS Oct 03, P2]
9. Classify colorectal polyps. Describe Peutz Jegher’s polyp. [RS Nov 00, P2]

SA:1. Mallory Weiss Syndrome. [RS Nov 00, P2]
2. Acute gastric ulcer. [RS Sept 05, P2]
3. Morphology of peptic ulcer. [RS Mar 05, P2]
4. Macroscopy of benign and malignant gastric ulcer. [RS Oct 03, P2],
[RS Mar 03, P2]
5. Microscopy of chronic gastric ulcer. [RS Nov 00, P2]
6. Linitis plastica. [RS Nov 00, P2]
7. Signet-Ring cell. [RS Oct 03, P2]
8. Morphology of gastric carcinoma. [RS Dec 04, P2]
9. Mode of spread of gastric cancer. [RS Nov 01, P2]
10. Virchow’s node. [RS Nov 01, P2]
11. Meckel’s diverticulum. [RS Mar 06, P2]
12. Intussusception. [RS Nov 00, P2], [RS Oct 03, P2]
13. Gross and microscopy of ulcerative colitis. [RS Mar 06, P2]
14. Gross appearance of ulcerative colitis. [RS Dec04, P2]
15. Gross appearance of amoebic colitis. [RS ar 05, P2]
16. Pseudomembranous enterocolitis. [RS Nov 01, P2]
17. Tropical sprue. [RS Nov 00, P2]
18. Carcinoid Syndrome. [RS Oct 03, P2]
19. Enlist the symptoms of carcinoid syndrome. [RS Nov 01, P2], [OS Apr 01]
20. Microscopic appearance of acute appendicitis. [RS Mar 04, P2]
21. Classify colo-rectal polyps. [RS Sept 02, P2]
22. Peutz Jegher syndrome. [RS Oct 03, P2]
23. Villous adenoma. [RS Mar 06, P2]
24. Preneoplastic lesions of large intestine. [RS Dec 04, P2]
25. 4 preneoplastic lesions of carcinoma colon. [RS Mar 04, P2]
26. Staging of carcinoma colon. [RS Nov 01, P2]
27. Astler Collor staging of colonic cancer. [RS Mar 04, P2]


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