Clinical pathology:
[9] a. Liver Function test.

1. Name The liver function tests. [RS Nov 00, P1]
2. Four indications of liver biopsy. [OS Apr 01]
3. Four indications for liver biopsy. [RS Oct 03, P1], [RS Sept 02, P1]

XV. Hepato-Biliary Pathology:
[1] Jaundice: types, aetio-pathogenesis and diagnosis.
[2] Hepatitis: acute, chronic, neonatal.
[3] Alcoholic liver disease.
[4] Cirrhosis: Postnecrotic, Alcoholic, Metabolic and Portal hypertension.
[5] Liver abscesses: Pyogenic, parasitic and Amoebic/Anaerobic.
[6] Tumours of Liver.
[7] Diseases of the Gall Bladder: Cholecystitis, Cholelithiasis, Carcinoma. XIV. Pathology of the Alimentary Tract
[6] i) Exocrine Pancreas: Pancreatitis, Pancreatic tumours.
1. Define and classify cirrhosis. Describe the pathology and complications of alcoholic cirrhosis. [1+3+3+2=9] [RS Nov 00, P2]
1. Morphology of liver in hepatitis A. [RS Mar 05, P2]
2. Serological markers of Hepatitis B and their clinical significance.
[OS May 00]
3. Serum markers of hepatitis B viral infection. [RS Dec 04, P2]
4. Liver abscess. [RS Mar 03, P2], [RS Sept 02, P2]
5. Pathogenesis of alcoholic liver disease. [RS Oct 03, P2]
6. Morphology of alcoholic hepatitis. [RS Dec 04, P2]
7. Wilson’s disease. [RS Nov 00, P2]
8. What are the complications of portal cirrhosis? [OS Apr 02]
9. Cholelithiasis. [OS Sept 02]
10. Etiology of hepatoma. [RS Mar 05, P2]
11. Acute pancreatitis. [RS Nov 01, P2]
12. Morphology of acute pancreatitis. [RS Mar 04, P2]

1. Bilirubin metabolism. [RS Mar 06, P2]
2. Councilman body. [RS Nov 01, P2]
3. Mention the antibodies of hepatitis B infection. [RS Mar 04, P2]
4. Sequelae of hepatitis B infection. [RS Dec 04, P2]
5. Parasitic infestations of liver. [RS Nov 00, P2
6. Aetiology of Hepatoma. [RS Oct 03, P2]
7. Fibrolamellar Hepatocellular carcinoma. [RS mar 06, P2]
8. List the risk factors for pigment stones of gall bladder. [OS May 00]
9. Four risk factors f or gall stones. [RS Mar 06, P2]
10. Types of gall stones. [RS Mar 05, P2], [RS Nov 01, P2]
11. Effects of Gall stones. [RS Mar 03, P2], [RS Sept 02, P2], [RS Nov 00, P2]
12. Complications of acute pancreatitis. [RS Sept 02, P2]

VIII. Nutritional And other disorders:
[2] b. Disorders of mineral metabolism such as i) copper.




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