Clinical Pathology:
[9] b. Renal Function Test.

1. Urinary casts. [RS Oct 03, P1], [RS Sept 02, P1]

1. Enumerate the Urinary casts. [RS Nov 00, P1]

XIII. Pathology of kidney and urinary tract:
Etiology, pathogenesis, pathologic features and diagnostic features of each of the following disorders:

[8] Renal malformations: Polycystic kidneys, types and clinical features.
[1] Glomerular diseases- nephritic and nephrotic syndrome.
[2] Tubulointerstitial diseases: Acute tubular necrosis and pyelonephritis.
[3] Renal vascular disorders: eg: kidney changes in hypertension.
[4] Renal tumours: Renal cell carcinoma, nephroblastoma.
[5] Urolithiasis and Obstructive Uropathy, Hydronephrosis.
[6] Ureteric lesion: Inflammatory lesions and tumours.
[7] Urinary bladder: Inflammatory lesions and tumours.

1. 8yr old boy presented with oliguria, hypertension and smoky urine. What is your diagnosis? Discuss the etiology and pathology of this condition. [1+4+4] [RS Dec 04, P2]
2. Describe the aetio-pathogenesis, Gross and microscopy of chronic pyelonephritis. [3+3+3=9] [RS Oct 03, P2]

1. Adult polycystic kidney disease. [RS Mar 04, P2]
2. Circulating immune complex nephritis. [RS Mar 06, P2]
3. Morphology of acute glomerulonephritis. [RS Mar 05, P2]
4. Rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis. [RS Mar 04, P2]
5. Classification and pathogenesis of Rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis.
[OS May 00]
6. Renal changes in Diabetes mellitus. [RS Sept 02, P2], [OS Sept 02]
7. Pathogenesis of Essential hypertension. [RS Sept 02, P2]
8. What are the renal changes in hypertension? [OS Apr 02]
9. Kidney Changes in hypertension. [RS Mar 06, P2]
10. Hydronephrosis. [RS Mar 03, P2]
11. Wilm’s tumour. [RS Mar 06, P2], [RS Mar 04, P2], [RS Nov 00, P2],
[OS Apr 01]

1. Horse shoe kidney. [RS Nov 00, P2]
2. List the causes of acute renal failure. [OS May 00]
3. Urinary findings in acute nephritis. [RS Mar 03, P2]
4. Four causes of nephrotic syndrome. [RS Dec 04, P2]
5. Light microscopy in minimal change disease. [RS Mar 05, P2]
6. Causes of “End-Stage Kidney”. [RS Sept 02, P2]
7. Nodular glomerulosclerosis. [RS Dec 04, P2]
8. Microscopy of chronic pyelonephritis. [RS Mar 03, P2]
9. Causes of Hydronephrosis. [RS Mar 04, P2]
10. Morphology of Renal cell carcinoma. [RS Mar 05, P2]
11. Write a few lines about malakoplakia . [OS Apr 02]
12. Morphology Of transitional cell carcinoma of bladder. [RS Dec 04, P2]


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