XIX. Diseases of Musculoskeletal System:
[1] a. Osteomyelitis: Acute, chronic, and tuberculous.
[2] (i)Metabolic Diseases: b) Osteoporosis.
(ii) Paget’s disease.
[3] Tumours-Classification: a) Benign, b) Malignant, c) Metastatic.
[4] Arthritis: c) Osteoarthritis, a) Suppurative, b) Rheumatoid, e) Tuberculous, d) Gout.

1. Classify bone tumours and write the morphology of osteosarcoma.
[RS Dec 04, P2]

1. Pyogenic osteomyelitis. [RS Sept 02, P2]
2. Tuberculous osteomyelitis. [RS Nov 00, P2]
3. Classification of Bone tumours. [RS Oct 03, P2]
4. Chondrosarcoma.[RS Nov 01, P2]
5. Pathogenesis and pathology of Gout. [RS Oct 03, P2]
6. Pathogenesis of Rheumatoid arthritis. [RS Sept 02, P2]

1. Sequestrum. [RS Mar 03, P2], [RS Nov 01, P2]
2. Complications of pyogenic osteomyelitis. [RS Dec 04, P2]
3. Osteoid osteoma. [RS Mar 06, P2]
4. Gross And microscopic appearance of osteosarcoma. [OS May 00]
5. Enumerate chondrogenic tumours. [RS Mar 04, P2]
6. Microscopy of chondroma. [RS Mar 03, P2], [RS Nov 00, P2]
7. Microscopic appearance of Ewing’s sarcoma. [RS Mar 05, P2]
8. Rheumatoid nodule. [OS Sept 02]
9. Gouty tophi. [RS Mar 06, P1]


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