Microbiology Chap 33: VIBRIO

IV. Bacteriology:
[8] Vibrios: V.cholerae and other medically important vibrios.

1. Classify vibrios. Discuss the pathogenesis, laboratory diagnosis of cholera. [2+2+5=9 Marks] [RS mar 03, P1]
2. Describe the pathogenesis, lab diagnosis and immunoprophylaxis of Cholera. [3+4+2=9 Marks] [RS May 00, P1]
3. Discuss the pathogenesis and laboratory- diagnosis of vibrio cholerae. [RS Mar 06, P2]

1. ElTor vibrios. [RS Sept 02, P1], [RS Nov 01, P1], [RS Apr 01, P1], [OS Apr 02]
2. Halophilic vibrios. [RS Nov 00, P1], [RS Oct 03, P1]

1. Name four culture media used for Vibrio cholerae. [OS Nov 01]
2. Two rapid tests for diagnosis of cholera. [RS Mar 05, P1], [RS Nov 01, P1]
3. Cholera red reaction. [RS Dec 04, P1]


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