Microbiology Chap 4: CULTURE MEDIA

1. Classify culture media and describe in detail anaerobic culture methods. [RS Dec 04, P1]

1. Blood agar-constituents, preparations and uses. [OS May 00]
2. Enrichment media. [OS Sept 02]
3. Selective media. [RS Oct 03, P1]

1. Give two examples for enrichment media. [RS Mar 06, P1]
2. Name four commonly used selective media and their uses. [RS May 00, P1]
3. Four examples of selective media. [RS Mar 03, P1]
4. Mention four Examples of selective media. [RS Oct 03, P1]
5. Name four selective media. [OS Apr 02]
6. Ingredients of MacConkey’s medium. [OS Sept 02]
7. Transport media examples. [RS Mar 04, P1]
8. Give two examples for transport media. [RS Mar 06, P1]


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