Microbiology Chap 9: INFECTION

II. General Microbiology:
[1] Definitions: Infections, disease, parasite, host, fomite, contagious disease, infectious disease, epidemic, endemic, pandemic, Zoonosis, Epizootic, Attack rate.
[4] a. Bacterial Cell:
(ii) Structures, which are virulent associated.

1. Enumerate various types of carriers with examples. [RS Mar 05, P1]
2. Add a note on various virulence factors in bacteria. [RS May 00, P1]
3. Exotoxins. [RS Mar 04, P1]

1. Healthy carrier. [RS Mar 06, P1]
2. Define and mention two zoonotic infections. [OS May 00]
3. Two zoonotic bacterial diseases. [RS Nov 00, P1]
4. Give two examples for zoonotic bacterial diseases. [RS Mar 06, P1]
5. Name two zoonotic bacterial diseases. [RS Mar 04, P1]
6. Name two congenital infections. [RS Dec 04, P1]
7. Give two examples for examples for virulence factors in bacteria. [RS Mar 06, P1]


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