Pharmacology (Revised Scheme) April 2000, Paper 1

1. Discuss briefly the pharmacology of beta adrenergic blocking agents. Enumerate any two beta blockers and write their therapeutic uses and adverse effects.
2. Classify diuretics. Discuss the pharmacology of loop diuretics.

3. Synergism.
4. Intravenous anaesthetics.
5. Calcium channel blocking agents.
6. Coumarins derivatives.
7. Salicylates.
8. Pre anaesthetic medication.
9. Naloxone.
10. Xylocaine.
11. on/off Phenomenon during levadopa therapy.
12. Sublingual route of drug administration.

13. Two adverse effects of morphine.
14. Two therapeutic uses of aspirin.
15. Drugs used by inhalation.
16. Contraindication of MAO inhibitors.
17. Main sites of Ach release.
18. Two factors that control the free fraction of drug in plasma.
19. Name two drug interactions seen with procaine.
20. What is a sedative? Give two Examples.
21. Name benzodiazepine antagonist.
22. Two uses of ethyl alcohol.
23. What is Lamotrigine?
24. Two uses of minoxidil.
25. Name two drugs used in CCF.
26. Name two drugs used in angina pectoris.
27. Name two uricosuric diuretics.
28. Name two drugs excreted in saliva.

Question Paper Submitted by:
2003-04 Batch, BMC.


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