Pharmacology (Revised Scheme) April 2002, Paper 2


1. Name the amino glycoside antibiotics. Mention their mechanism of action and adverse effects. Discuss the antibacterial spectrum and therapeutic uses of gentamycin
2. Classify the oral antidiabetic drugs. Explain the mechanism of action and adverse effects of each group of drugs. Describe the treatment of diabetic coma.

3. Third generation cephalosporins.
4. Contraindications for glucocorticoids.
5. Drugs effective against H pylori.
6. Treatment of filariaasis.
7. Chemoprophylaxis of malaria.
8. Mechanism of action of cyclosporine.
9. Antimetabolites.
10. Prokinetic agents.
11. Imidazole antifungal drugs.
12. Obstetrical uses of prostaglandins.

13. Rationale for using Griseofulvin in dermatophyoses.
14. Ondansetron is preferred in the treatment of vomiting induced by anticancer drugs.
15. Estrogens are combined with progestrin in oral contraceptive preparation.
16. Metronidazole is effective only against anaerobic organisms.
17. Chloroquine is not effective for radical cure of vivax malaria.
18. Rationale for using prednisone along with antitubercular drugs in TB meningitis.
19. Benzyl penicillin is less effective by oral route.
20. Clomiphene is used in anovulatory infertility.
21. Ranitidine is preferred to cimetidine in peptic ulcer.
22. Clofazamine is used in lepra reaction.
23. Antitubercular drugs are always used in combination.
24. Tetracyclines should not be given along with antacids.
25. In the treatment of urinary tract infection with mandelamine, urine should be acidified.
26. Dimercaprol in mercury poisoning.
27. Radioactive iodine is not preferred for the treatment of thyrotoxicosis in younger age group.
28. Rationale for using bromocriptine in acromegaly.

Question Paper Submitted by:
2003-04 Batch, BMC.


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