Pharmacology (Revised Scheme) April 2003, Paper 2

1. Classify the oral hypoglycemic drugs. Write the mechanism of action, adverse effects and drug interactions of sulfonylureas.
2. Enumerate aminoglycoside antibiotics. Mention their general pharmacological properties. Write the therapeutic uses of gentamycin.

3. Mechanism of action and adverse effects of INH.
4. Purine antagonists.
5. Alkylating agents.
6. Extended spectrum of penicillins.
7. Metronidazole
8. Antiestrogens.
9. Radioactive isotopes.
10. Proton pump inhibitors.
11. Vasopressin.
12. Carbimazole.

13. Name four 5HT antagonists.
14. What is super infection? Give 2 examples.
15. Rationale for using Cisapride as an antiemetic.
16. Mention two mast cell stabilizers. Mention its use.
17. Name four drugs used in chloroquine resistant falciparum malaria.
18. Name four prostaglandin preparations used in therapy.
19. Name a leukotriene antagonist. Mention one use.
20. Colchicine is used in acute gout. Give reasons.
21. Name four drugs effective in enteric fever.
22. Mention two uterine stimulants with routes of administration.
23. Mention four antiseptics and disinfectants.
24. Mention two drugs used to suppress dry cough.
25. Rationale for using chloroquine in rheumatoid arthritis.
26. What is lepra reaction? Name two drugs used in lepra reaction.
27. What is chelating agent? Give two examples.
28. Mention four water soluble vitamins. Write one use of any one vitamin.

Question Paper Submitted by:
2003-04 Batch, BMC.


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