Pharmacology (Revised Scheme) Oct 2004, Paper 2

1. Define chemotherapy. Mention indications for the combined use of antibacterial agents giving the pharmacological rationale.
2. Enumerate tetracyclines. Outline their mechanism of action, therapeutic uses and their adverse effects.

3. List the adverse effects of glucocorticoids.
4. Outline the mechanism of action and indications for use of radioactive iodine.
5. List the classes of drugs used for therapy of bronchial asthma giving the pharmacological rationale.
6. List two biphosphonates and their mechanism of action.
7. Outline the mechanism of action and untoward effects of metformin.
8. Enumerate disease modifying agents used in rheumatoid arthritis and give their mechanism of action.
9. Enumerate two classes of immunosuppressive agents and outline the mechanism of action.
10. List the untoward effects and contraindications for use of fluoroquinolones.
11. List three classes of antiemetic agents and outline mechanism of action.
12. Outline the therapeutic options for the management of pseudomembranous colitis.

13. List 4 first generation cephalosporins.
14. Enumerate two Mucolytics agents and give their mechanism of action.
15. Why is clavulanic acid administrated in combination with amoxicillin?
16. List two uses of phytonadone.
17. What is the mechanism of action of glutaraldehyde?
18. How does ranitidine differ from cimetidine?
19. List three points of differences between doxycycline and tetracycline.
20. Mention the antidote for iron poisoning and give its mechanism of action.
21. How does cetrizine differ from diphenhydramine?
22. Enumerate two drugs used for the treatment of erythema nodosum leprosum.
23. List two important side effects of colchicine.
24. How does ACTH differ from cortisol? Give three points.
25. List three classes of purgatives.
26. Outline the mechanism of action of nitrofurantoin.
27. What is the mechanism of action of paclitaxel?
28. What is mifepristone? What are its uses?

Question Paper Submitted by:
2003-04 Batch, BMC.


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