Biochemistry (Old Scheme) September 2004


1. Describe b-oxidation of fatty acids. Explain the energetics of palmitic acid oxidation.

2. Describe the functions of calcium. How the plasma calcium is regulated? What are the causes of hypocalcemia?

Short Essays

3. Describe deficiency manifestations of folic acid and thiamin.

4. Describe urea cycle.

5. Describe the metabolism of bilirubin.

6. Renal function tests.

7. Enzyme inhibition.

8. Digestion of carbohydrates and disorders of carbohydrate digestion.

9. Structure and functions of t-RNA.

10. Glycogenolysis.

11. Disorders of tyrosine metabolism.

12. Functions of vitamin A.

Short Answers

13. Define BMR. Name two conditions associated with increased BMR.

14. Heparin.

15. Essential amino acids.

16. Normal serum potassium level and two causes of hypokalemia.

17. Lipotropic factors.

18. Mention the features of genetic code.

19. Normal serum uric acid level and two causes of hyperuricemia.

20. Inhibitors of electron transport chain.

21. Sickle cell hemoglobin.

22. Functions of vitamin E and vitamin K.

Question papers by
Dr. Singi Yatiraj
MRMC, Gulbarga


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