Physiology (Revised Scheme), August 2005, Paper 2

Long Essays
1. Describe the endocrine regulation of blood glucose level.
2. Draw the diagram to show the pathway for pain from the upper limb. Explain the endogenous analgesia system.

Short Essays
3. Explain the regulation of mineralocorticoids.
4. Explain the basis of two features of hyperthyroidism.
5. List four features of basal ganglia disease and explain the basis of any one.
6. In a tabular column compare ‘local potential’ and ‘action potential.’
7. Draw the visual pathway. Explain homonymous hemianopia and molecular sparing.
8. Draw the auditory pathway and list two special features of this pathway.
9. Explain the role of ‘chemical senses’ in humans.
10. Draw a diagram to show the circulation of aqueous humor. Give the significance of regulation of intraocular pressure.
11. Describe the salient features of neuromuscular transmission in skeletal muscle.
12. Explain temporal and spatial summation in muscle.

Short Answers
13. List the features of sertoli cells.
14. List the various stages in the development of ovarian follicle. Mention three tests of ovulation.
15. Draw a graph to show the HCG level throughout pregnancy.
16. Define menarche and menopause and give the timing of each.
17. Explain the role of shivering in temperature regulation.
18. Explain the ionic basis of significance of absolute refractory period.
19. Explain the role of ionic calcium in nerve excitability.
20. Explain the significance of motor units.
21. List the sensations carried by the dorsal column tract.
22. Describe the representation on motor homunculus.

Question paper submitted by:
Arjun Prakash,
2004-05 batch,


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