Physiology (Revised Scheme) Sept 2002, Paper 1

Max. Marks: 100

Long Essays: [9 marks each]
1. Draw a labelled diagram showing nerve supply to the Urinary bladder. Explain the mechanism of Micturition. [3+6=9 marks]
2. Describe the conducting system of Heart. Explain the pathway of spread of cardiac impulse. What is A-V Nodal delay? What is its importance? [3+2+2+2=9 marks]

Short Essays: [5 marks each]
3. What is Haemophilia? Who are the sufferers and who are the carriers and why> how do you manage a case of Haemophilia? [1+3+1=5 marks]
4. What is Reticuloendothelial (Monocyte-Macrophage) system? Outline its function. [2+3=5 marks]
5. What is meant by Mismatched blood transfusion and explain the consequences of Mismatched blood transfusion. [1+4=5 marks]
6. What is Renin? What is the stimulus for its production? How it will help in the regulation of Blood pressure. [1+2+2=5 marks]
7. Define Shock. What are the causes of Shock? What is meant by irreversible Shock? [1+2+2=5 marks]
8. Name the Peripheral chemoreceptors. Where it is present? How it will regulate respiration? [1+1+3=5 marks]
9. Classify Hypoxia. Explain any two of them. [2+3=5 marks]
10. What is Surfactant? Where it is present? What is its chemical nature? Explain its role in pulmonary function. [1+1+1+2=5 marks]
11. Describe the Hormonal regulation of Pancreatic juice and its functions. [2+3=5 marks]
12. What is Gastric Emptying time? Explain the factors which influence it. [1+4=5 marks]

Short Answers:
13. What is Reticulocytes? What does Reticulocytosis indicate?
14. What is Normal E.S.R? What is its clinical importance?
15. What is the difference between Diffusion and Osmosis. Give one example for each.
16. What is meant by Mitosis and Meiosis? Where does it take place?
17. Explain Triple response.
18. Explain Bainbridge reflex.
19. What is Haldane’s Effect?
20. What is Periodic breathing? Name any two types.
21. Give the normal partial pressure of Oxygen and Carbon dioxide in the Arterial and Venous blood.
22. List the important functions of Saliva.
23. List the functions of Liver.
24. Explain “SHAM FEEDING”.
25. Explain Entero-Hepatic Circulation.
26. Name the different cell types of Gastric Mucosa. Mention the functions of each of them.
27. Define Renal clearance. Give the normal value for Inulin clearance. What do they indicate?
28. What is Artificial kidney? How does it function?

Question Paper submitted by:
2003-04 Batch, BMC


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