FM>Chap 21: Forensic Psychiatry>Short Answer 8

Insanity may be feigned by:
criminals – to evade death sentence or long terms of imprisonment,
soldiers and policemen – to leave the service,
businessmen –to avoid contracts.
Hence it becomes necessary to differentiate between really insane & one who is pretending to be so.
The features of feigned insanity are:
sudden in onset.
With h/o commission of crime,
Without any predisposing factors,
Signs & symptoms- variable, exaggerated & atypical, which are present only when conscious of being observed,
Facial expressions – exaggerated, voluntary frequently changing, unpeculiar.
No insomnia -Sleeps soundly after 1-2 days.
Can’t stand exertion for long & breaks down,
Habits –clean,
Skin & lips –wet, smooth,
Frequent examination – resents for fear of detection.


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