Clinical Pathology Including Haematology
[8] Body fluids: Pleural, Peritoneal, Synovial, Pericardial fluids.
[9] b. Renal Function Test.

1. Proteinuria. [RS Mar 03, P1]
2. Nonselective proteinuria. [RS Mar 04, P1]
3. Urinary Sediment. [RS Mar 03, P1]
4. Importance of sputum examination. [OS Sept 02]

1. Indications for lumbar puncture. [RS Oct 03, P1]
2. Indications of lumbar puncture. [RS Mar 03, P1]
3. Name the tests done in a routine detailed examination of urine.
[RS Nov 00, P1]
4. Causes of increased and decreased specific gravity of urine. [RS Mar 03, P1]
5. Causes of increased specific gravity of urine. [OS Apr 01]
6. List the causes of haematuria. [OS Apr 02]
7. Renal causes of haematuria. [RS Sept 02, P2]
8. Causes of Ketonuria. [RS Sept 02, P1]
9. Causes of non-diabetic Ketonuria. [OS Sept 02]


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    […] Reference book for the following topics: Medical Laboratory Techniques, 5/e 2005 Author: Ramnik SoodCLINICAL HAEMATOLOGY CLINICAL PATHOLOGY […]

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