BIOCHEMISTRY August 2006 (Revised Scheme)

M.B.B.S. PHASE – I Degree Examination – August 2006
Time : 3 Hrs. [Max. Marks : 100]
BIOCHEMISTRY (Revised Scheme)
QP Code: 1055

Your answers should be specific to the questions asked.
Draw neat labeled diagrams wherever necessary.

LONG ESSAY 2 X 9 = 18 Marks
1. Describe the various reactions involved in beta-oxidation of fatty acids. Add a note on energetics.
2. Describe the chemistry, sources, functions and deficiency manifestations of vitamin A.

SHORT ESSAY 10 X 5 = 50 Marks
3. Lipoproteins
4. Explain the transamination reaction
5. Transcription
6. Write briefly about the role of parathyroid hormone in the regulations of serum calcium level
7. Name the various liver function tests
8. Amphibolic role of citric acid cycle
9. Mechanism of oxidative phosphorylation
10. Blood buffers
11. Write in brief about the digestion and absorption of proteins
12. Glycogen storage diseases

SHORT ANSWERS 16 X 2 = 32 Marks
13. Name the essential amino acids
14. Conversion of pyruvate to acetyl Co A.
15. Differences between DNA and RNA
16. Name the classes into which the enzymes are classified
17. Rancidity
18. Reverse transcriptase
19. Name the various plasma proteins
20. Mention any two causes of hyperuricemia
21. Mutarotation
22. Oncogenes
23. Sources and daily requirements of thiamine
24. Sickle cell hemoglobin
25. Causes of fatty liver
26. Marasmus
27. Isoenzymes
28. Normal serum levels of serum calcium and phosphorus

* * * * *


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