e.n.t. August 2006 (Revised Scheme)

M.B.B.S. PHASE III (Part-I) Degree Examination – August 2006

Time: 3 Hrs.                                                                                       [Max. Marks: 100]

e.n.t. (Revised Scheme)

QP Code: 1066 

Your answers should be specific to the questions asked.

Draw neat labeled diagrams wherever necessary.


LONG ESSAY 2 X 10 = 20 Marks
1. Enumerate the causes of conductive hearing loss with intact tympanic membrane. Discuss the clinical features and management of otitis media with effusion in a 4-year-old child.
2. Discuss the etiopathology, clinical features and management of ethmoidal polyposis.


SHORT ESSAY 10 X 5 = 50 Marks
3. Draw a neat labeled diagram of normal tympanic membrane of the right side.
4. Discuss the impedance matching mechanism of the ear.
5. Enumerate the causes of patch on the tonsil.
6. Etiopathology and management of vocal polyp.
7. Management of nasopharyngeal carcinoma.
8. Briefly describe the operative steps of dissection method of tonsillectomy.
9. Auditory tests to assess hearing in a 2-year-old child.
10. Enumerate the causes of unilateral nasal obstruction.
11. Write short note on keratosis pharynges.
12. Indications and technique of microlaryngoscopy.


SHORT ANSWERS 10 X 3 = 30 Marks
13. Functions of the nasal cavities and paranasal sinuses.
14. Differences between palatine tonsil and lymph node.
15. Radiological evaluation for chronic sinusitis.
16. Complications of rigid oesophagoscopy.
17. Management of otomycosis.
18. First aid measures for epistaxis.
19. Management of ingested foreign body.
20. Write short note on hematoma auris.
21. Treatment options for special perforation.
22. Prevention of Iatrogenic laryngotracheal stenosis.


* * * * * =============================
Question paper given by:
Dr. Singi Yatiraj,
MRMC, Gulbarga


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