Ophthalmology Syllabus & Question Bank


Reference book for division into chapters:
Ophthalmology, 3/e 2003
Authors: A.K.Khurana

NOTE: The syllabus is mentioned just below the name of every chapter.
It is followed by the questions(Short Answers).
Questions(Short Answers) & Syllabus Arranged Chapterwise by:

Question Papers from:
“Companion for Final MBBS – Part I”
by Dr. Singi Yatiraj

Please note that all questions are not included.

Although there are 3 books dealing with question banks available in the market, none is perfect. Among the three, the following is somewhat better. We intend to build up the question bank. So we request the interested 3rd year(6th term) students to come forward and solve the questions by referring to the following book and send your answers to nandishb.bmc@gmail.com

Companion for Final MBBS – Part I
by Dr. Singi Yatiraj



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  3. chitra said,

    12, May , 2009 at 6:59 pm

    sir,i m a final year part 2 student of ntruhs, a.p, i would like to know about books,for pg preparation,and final year subjects theory and viva .pls let me know in detail,and also kindly let me know where i can get free medical books download

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