PATHOLOGY – PAPER II (Revised Scheme) August 2006

M.B.B.S. PHASE – II Degree Examination – August 2006

Time: 3 Hrs.                                                                                                [Max. Marks: 100]

PATHOLOGY – PAPER II (Revised Scheme)

QP Code: 1057


Your answers should be specific to the questions asked.

Draw neat labeled diagrams wherever necessary.


LONG ESSAY 2 X 9 = 18 Marks
1. A 72-year-old male presented with changes in the bowel habit, tarry stool, and loss of weight, fatigue and weakness of 6 months duration. After an endoscopic biopsy of colon, left sided hemicolectomy was done. What is the probable diagnosis? Describe the etiopathogenesis and morphology of the target organ involved.
2. Describe the etiopathogenesis and morphological features of infective endocarditis.


SHORT ESSAY 10 X 5 = 50 Marks
3. Etiopathogenesis and type of empyhysema
4. Etiopathogenesis of peptic ulcer
5. Serological markers for hepatitis-B viral hepatitis
6. Etiopathogenesis of hepatocelluar carcinoma
7. Classification and pathogenesis of rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis
8. Complications of acute pyelonephritis
9. Non-seminomatous germ cell tumours of testis
10. Endometrial hyperplasia
11. Morphology of medullary carcinoma breast
12. Pheochromocytoma


SHORT ANSWERS 16 X 2 = 32 Marks
13. Aschoff body
14. Stages and gross appearance of lobar pneumonia
15. List paraneoplastic syndromes associated with lung cancer
16. Pleomorphic adenoma
17. Berry aneurysm
18. Classification of renal cell carcinoma
19. Gross features of adult polycystic kidney
20. Morphology of
Ewing sarcoma
21. Complications of pyogenic osteomyelitis
22. Goitrogens
23. Invasive mole
24. Classification of ovarian germ cell tumours
25. Staging of prostatic cancer
26. Morphology of squamous cell carcinoma of skin
27. Hodgkin’s lymphoma – Mixed cellularity
28. Microscopic appearance of medulloblastoma


* * * * * =============================
Question paper given by:
Dr. Singi Yatiraj,
MRMC, Gulbarga


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