PATHOLOGY Practicals: Instrument Spotters

1. Hb Pipette
2. Albuminometer
3. BM Aspiration needle
4. LP needle
5. Neubauer counting chamber
6. RBC pipette
7. Sahli’s Hbmeter
8. Urinometer
9. Vim’s Silverman’s needle
10. WBC pipette
11. Westergren tube
12. Wintrobe tube

Photos taken by following BMCites:
Mohan Chandra. B, 2001-02 Batch

2003-04 Batch:
Vijay Kumar. J.
Simon. A.R.
Manohar. S.
If you have any more spotter photos,
please mail them as attachments to:

Posted by Nandish.B, BMC


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