Medicine Bonus Contents

(Please open with Microsoft Powerpoint)
1. Rheumatic Heart Disease

Dr.VIJI SAMUEL THOMSON, Lecturer, CMC- Vellore.
This lecture was delivered to BMC through Telemedicine on 13-09-06 from 4pm to 5pm.
Special thanks to telemedicine staff of CMC and BMC.

2. HIV & TB  or <this link>
4. Effective STD Control Prog
5. Pulmonary manifestations of TB
6. RNTCP Rx Regimen
7. GI Manifestations in AIDS: PPT Presentation, PPT Slide show
8. Opportunistic Infections:Case studies
9. Neurological complications in AIDS
10. Opportunistic Infections: Diagnosis & Management
11. Ophthalmic Manifestations in HIV
12. Skin Manifestations in AIDS
13. STI & HIV
Courtesy: Dept of Paediatrics, BMC.
Special thanks to Chetan, BMC, 2003-04 Batch for procuring the data
15. Hypertension

16. AIDS-Radiology

17. Approach to adverse effects of ART


  1. SLE
  2. Bullous disorders
  3. Leprosy
  4. Drug reactions
  5. Newer Antihistaminics

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