BIOCHEMISTRY: Goals & Objectives

Understand the scientific basis of life processes @ the molecular level & orient towards the application of knowledge acquired in solving clinical problems.

a) Knowledge:
1. Describe the molecular & functional organisation of a cell & list its subcellular & components.
2. Delineate structure, function & interrelationship of various biomolecules & consequences of deviation from normal.
3. Summarise the fundamental aspects of enzymology & clinical applications wherein regulation of enzymatic activity is altered.
4. Describe digestion & assimilation of nutrients & consequences of malnutrition.
5. Integrate the various aspects of metabolism & their regulatory pathways.
6. Explain biochemical basis of inherited disorders with their associated sequelae.
7. Describe mechanisms involved in maintenance of body fluid & pH homeostasis.
8. Outline the molecular mechanisms of gene expression, the principles of genetic engineering & their applications in medicine.
9. Summarise the molecular concepts of body defences & their applications in medicine.
10. Outline the biochemical basis of environmental health hazards, biochemical basis of cancer & carcinogenesis.
11. Familiarise with principles of various conventional & specialised lab investigations & instrumentation analysis & interpretation of a given data.
12. Suggest experiments to support theoretical concepts & clinical diagnosis.
13. Understand different types of Bio-medical waste, their potential risks & their management.

b) Skills:
1. Make use of conventional techniques/instruments to perform biochemical analysis relevant to clinical screening & diagnosis.
2. Analyse & interpret investigative data.
3. Demonstrate the skills of solving scientific & clinical problems & decision making.

c) Integration:
1. Untegrate molecular events with structure & function of the body in health & disease.



  1. dave said,

    7, January , 2011 at 4:24 pm

    biochem is a 9ice course pls i wnt 2 knw more

  2. Sampurna Choudhury said,

    15, April , 2012 at 3:48 pm

    I’ve gained the information from here about The objectives of Biochemistry Very clearly……….. It’s very helpful to my study forever…

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