FORENSIC MEDICINE: Goal & Objectives

Recommended by MCI:
Well informed about medico legal responsibilities in practice of medicine. Acquire knowledge of law in relation to medical practice, medical negligence & respect for codes of medical ethics.

a) Knowledge:
1. Identify the basic medico legal aspects of hospital & general practice.
2. Define the medico legal responsibilities of a general physician while rendering community service either in a rural primary health center or an urban health center.

b) Skills:
1. Make observations & inferences in order to initiate enquiries in criminal matters & medico legal problems.
2. Diagnose & treat common emergencies in poisoning & manage chronic toxicity.
3. Make observations & interpret funding @ postmortem examination.
4. Observe the principles of medical ethics in the practice of his profession.

c) Integration:
Integrated approach towards allied disciplines like Pathology, Radiology. Forensic Sciences, hospital Administration etc, to impart training regarding medico legal responsibilities of physicians @ all levels of health care. Integration with relevant disciplines will provide scientific basis of clinical toxicology, eg. medicine, pharmacology, etc.

Recommended by RGUHS:
Goals & Objectives: 
*Ability to Identify, examine & prepare report or certificate in medico legal cases/situations in accordance with the law of land.
*Able to perform medico legal postmortem & interpret findings & results of other relevant investigations to logically conclude the cause, manner & time since death.
*Be aware of medical ethics, etiquette, duties, rights, medical negligence & legal responsibilities of the physicians
towards patient, profession, society, state & humanity @ large.
*Be aware of relevant legal/court procedures applicable to the medico legal/ medical practice.
*Be able to preserve & dispatch specimens in medico legal/ post mortem cases & other concerned materials to the appropriate govt agencies for necessary examination.
*Manage medico legal implications, diagnosis & principles of therapy of common poisons.
*Be aware of general principles of analytical, environmental, occupational & preventive aspects of toxicology.
*Understand different types of Bio-medical waste potential risks & their management.

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