PATHOLOGY: Goals & Objectives

Comprehensive knowledge of the mechanisms & causes of disease, in order to achieve complete understanding of the natural history & clinical manifestations of disease.

a) Knowledge:
1. Describe the structure & ultra structure of a sick cell, mechanism of cell degeneration, cell death & repair & be able to correlate structural & functional alterations.
2. Explain the pathophysiological processes which govern the maintenance of homeostasis, mechanisms of their disturbance & the morphological & clinical manifestations associated with it.
3. Describe the machanisms & patterns of tissue response to injury to appreciate the pathophysiology of disease processes & their clinical manifestations.
4. Correlate normal & altered morphology(gross & microscopic) of different organ systems in common diseases to the extent needed for understanding of disease processes & their clinical significance.
*Understand the etiopathogenesis, the pathological effects & clinico-pathological correlation of common infectious & non-infectious diseases.
*Understand the concept of neoplasia with reference to the etiology, gross & microscopic features, diagnosis & prognosis in different tissues & organs of the body.
*Knowledge of common immunological disorders & their resultant effects on the human body. Have an understanding of the common haematological disorders & the investigations necessary to diagnose them & determine their prognosis.
b) Skills:
1. Describe rationale & principles of technical procedures of the diagnostic lab tests & interpretation of the results.
2. Perform the simple bed-side tests on blood,urine & other biological fluid samples.
3. Draw a rational scheme of investigation aimed @ diagnosing & managing the cases of common disorders.
4. Understand biochemical/physiological disturbances that occur as a result of disease.
*Know the principles of collection, handling & dispatch of clinical samples from patients in a proper manner.
*Perform & interpret in a proper manner the basic clinical pathology procedures.
*Understand different types of Bio-medical waste, their potential risks & their management.
c) Integration:
Integrate the causes of disease & relationship of different etiological factors(social, economic & environmental) that contribute to the natural h/o diseases most prevalent in our country.



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