PHYSIOLOGY: Practical Syllabus

Procedures to be performed:
1. RBC count
2. WBC count
3. DLC
4. Estimation of Hb
5. Blood grouping
6. BT
7. CT
10. Determination of blood indices: MCV, MCH, MCHC & CI.

II. HUMAN EXPERIMENTS(on human subjects):
1. Mosso’s ergometry: @ normal condition, after venous occlusion & arterial occlusion
2. Recording of BP, effect of posture & exercise on it.
3. Stethography: @ rest, effect of deglutition, exercise, voluntary hyperventilation & break point after breat holding, breathing thru’ long tube, rebreathing thru’ bag.
4. Spirometry: Lung volumes & capacities, MVV & Dyspnoeic Index, FEV1.
5. Peak Expiratory flow Rate(PEFR) by Wright’s mini peak flow meter.
6. Cardiovascular fitness test: by Harvard’s step test or bicycle ergometer or 2km walk.
7. Visual field by Perimetry.
8. Body composition- BMI(by Quetlet’s Index) & Body Fat % by Durenberg’s equation.
9. Recording of ECG in lead II.
10. Tests of autonomic functions.

1. Examination of radial pulse.
2. Clinical Examination of CVS.
3. Clinical Examination of Respiratory System.
4. Examination of crainal Nerves.
5. Examination of Sensory system.
6. Examination of Motor system.
7. Examination of Reflexes.


1. Haematology: Haematocrit, Reticulocyte Count, Platelet Count, Osmotic fragility.
2. Nerve Muscle Physiology: EMG.
3. CVS: ECG, Demonstration of sinus arrhythmias, Recording of arterial pulse tracing.
4. Respiratory System: Determination of lung volumes & capacity, & other lung function tests by computerised spirometry.
5. Reproductive system: Sperm motility & Sperm count.
6. Special senses: Audiometry, Purkinge-Samson’s images, Ophthalmoscopy, Retinoscopy, Examination of fundus.
7. Nervous system: Autonomic function tests.
8. Amphibian Practicals: Muscle-nerve & heart experiments may be demonstrated for academic interested only.
9. EEG.


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