Recommended by MCI:
Function as community & first level physicians in accordance with the institutional goals.

a) Knowledge:
1. Describe the health care delivery system including rehabilitation of the disable in the country.
2. Describe the National Health Programmes with particular emphasis on material & child health programmes, family welfare planning & population control.
3. List epidemiological methods & describe their applications to communicable & non-communicable diseases in the country or hospital situation.
4. Apply bio-statistical methods & techniques.
5. Outline the demographic pattern of the country & appreciate the roles of the individual family, community & socio-cultural milieu in health & disease.
6. Describe the health information systems.
7. Enunciate the principles & components of primary health care & the national health policies to achieve the goal of ‘Health administration, Health education in relation to community’.
8. Plan Health Education Programme/IFC activities & able to evaluate a programme.
9. Describe principles of organisation.

b) Skills:
1. Use epidemiology as a scientific tool to make national decisions relevant to community & individual patient intervention.
2. Collect, analyse, interpret & present simple community & hospital based data.
3. Diagnose & manage common health problems & emergencies @ the individual, family & community levels keeping in mind the existing health care resources & in the context of the prevailing socio-cultural beliefs.
4. Diagnose & manage maternal & child health programmes & advise a couple & the community on the family welfare planning methods available in the context of the national priorities.
5. Diagnose & manage common nutritional problems @ the individual & community level.
6. Plan, implement & evaluate a health education program with skill to use simple audiovisual aids.

Recommended by RGUHS:
Function as community & primary care physician. Towards this end,
1. Aware of the physical, social, psychological, economic & environmental aspect of health & disease.
2. Able to apply the clinical skills to recognize & manage common health problems including their physical, emotional & social aspects @ the individual, family & community levels & deal with public health emergencies.
3. Able to define & manage the health problems of the community he/she serves.

a. Organize elementary epidemiological studies to assess the health priblems in the area. For this, should be able to design a study, collect data, analyze it with statistical tests, make a report & be able to participate in a health information system.
b. Prioritise the most important problems & help formulate a plan of action to manage them under National Health Programme guidelines including population control ^& welfare program. (Sholud be able to assess & allocate resources, implement & evaluate the programmes)
c. Demonstrate knowledge of principles of oragnising prevention & control of communicable & non-communicable diseases.
d. Organize health care service for special groups like mothers, infants, under 5 children & school children, handicapped, adolescents & geriatric, rural, tribal & urban slum dwellers.
e. Organize health care in case of calamities.
f. Inculcate values like compassion, empathy to poor, rationale & ethical practice, honesty, sincerity to ensure quality professional practice.
g. Able to work as an effective leader of the health team within the primary health care set-up.
h. Able to coordinate with & supervise other members of the health team & maintain liaison with
various agencies (Govt, non-govt & voluntary organisations)
i. Able to plan & implement health education programmes.
j. Able to perform administrative functions of health centers.
k. Able to promote community participation especially in areas of disease control, health education & implementation of national programmes.
l. Aware of national priorities & the goal to be achieved to implement primary health care including health for all.
m. Understand different types of Bio-medical waste, their potential risks & their management.



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