ANATOMY> OS> Apr 02> Paper 1

Long Essays:
1. Describe the commencement, termination, relations, branches & applied anatomy of the axillary artery. (1+1+3+4+1)
2. Describe the thyroid gland under the following headings:
(a) Location & surfaces. (b) Relations
(c) Blood supply. (d) Development. (1+6+2+1)

Short Essays:
3. Flexor reticulum of hand
4. Inversion & eversion
5. Implantation
6. Internal capsule
7. Microscopic structure of lymph node
8. Buccinator
9. Central sulcus
10. Ilio femoral ligament.
11. Microsacopic structure of submandibular salivary gland
12. Femoral canal

Short Answers:
13. Name the four structures passing the foramen magnum
14. Name the cartilages of the larynx
15. What is the ultimo-branchial body & mention its derivatives?
16. Mention the nerve supply & actions of imferior constrictor muscle
17. Mention the parts of a growing long bone.
18. What is foot drop?
19. Name the appendages of skin.
20. Barr body
21. What is the medicolegal importance of the lower end of the femur in the new born?
22. Mention the structures piercing the clavipectoral fascia.
Question paper given by:
2003-04 batch,


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