ANATOMY> OS> Apr 02> Paper 2

Long Essays:
1. Describe the right atrium under the following headings:
(a) External & Internal features
(b) Blood supply & nerve supply
(c) Development including interatrial septum. (5+2+3)
2. Describe the second part of the duodenum under the following headings:
(a) Location & relations. (b) Internal features
(c) Blood supply. (d) Development. (4+2+2+2)

Short Essays:
3. Spermatic cord
4. Mesonephric duct
5. Levator ani muscle
6. Microscopic structure of suprarenal gland
7. Rectus sheath
8. Meckels’s diverticulum
9. Porta caval anastomosis.
10. Development of kidney
11. Microscopic structure of ovary
12. Splenic artery.

Short Answers:
13. Barr body
14. Inguinal triangle
15. Transverse sinus of pericardium
16. Give 2 differences above & below the pectinial line of anal canal.
17. Ejaculatory duct.
18. Trigone of bladder
19. Name the 5 paired & unpaired processes of the lumbar vertebra.
20. Name the formation, termination & tributaries of the Azygous vein.
21. Name the ligaments of the spleen with contents.
22. Recto uterine pouch with applied aspects.
Question paper given by:
2003-04 batch,


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