FM Practicals: Syllabus, Skills & Exercises

Syllabus:(20 hrs)
1. Demonstration of ten medico legal autopsies
2. Age estimation from bones, x-rays, dentition
3. Injuries & weapons
4. Examn of intoxicated persons
5. Possible videotape of examn of victim & accused in sexual offences
6. Specimens of poisons

1. Examine & prepare certificates in the following medico-legal situations:
a) injured patient (commonly encountered in OPD)
b) sexual offences
c) determination of age (mostly commonly asked)
d) intoxicated patient
2. Prepare proper certificates of birth & death
3. Prepare dying declaration
4. Give evidence in a court of law as an expert witness
5. Collect & do proper labeling, preservation & dispatch of medico-legal specimens
6. Witness & record the finding & issue a report for a medico legal autopsy
7. Diagnose & manage common acute & chronic poisonings

1. Medico Legal Autopsies -Witnessing & recording (10 cases)
2. Age estimation of an individual by Physical, Dental & Radiological examination.
3. Examn of skeletal remains.
4. Study of (following can be kept as specimens):
a) Lethal Weapons
b) Wet specimens, models, photography, micro slides- like sperms, diatoms, hairs, human & animal RBCs.
5. Certificates:
Medical certificates, Medico-legal reports, physical fitness, sickness & death certificates, injury report, drunkenness, sexual offences.
6. Taken to courts whenever possible to acquaint with the court proceedings.

Note: Practical Exercises conducted shall be entered in the practical record book edited & published by Karnataka Medicolegal so


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