Microbiology: Recommended books by RGUHS

Text books:
1. Textbook of microbiology, 7/e 2005, by (Late) R.Ananthanarayan & C.K.Jayaram Paniker.
2. Medical microbiology, by Melnick Jawetz et al.
3. Microbiology, by Joklik & Willett Zinsser et. Al.
4. Parasitology, by KDC.Chatterjee.
5. Textbook of medical parasitology, by C.K.Jayaram Paniker.
6. Essential of Medical microbiology, by Bhatia & Ichhpujani.
7. A textbook of microbiology, by Chakraborthy.

Reference books:
1. Medical microbiology 15/e, by Greenwood
2. Essential Immunology, 6/e by Ivan.M.Roitt.
3. Pathogenesis of infectious diseases, by Cedric, Playfair MIMS et al.
4. Medical Microbiology, 2/e by Rippon
5. Diagnostic Microbiology, by Allen & Janda Koneman et al.
6. Immunology, 3/e by Bellanti

1. Manual of clinical microbiology, by Balows.
2. Medical Immunology, by Terr & Parslow Stites
3. Immunology, by Brostoff & Male Roitt
4. Medical Mycology, by Binford Emmons et al.
5. Manson’s Tropical Diseases, by Manson-Bell Barr
6. Clinical Parasitology, by Jung & Corpp Beaver.

Level 3:
1. Principles of Bacteriology, Virology, Immunity, by Topely & Wilson.
2. Bergey’s manual, Determinative bacteriology, by Holt & Kreig et al.
3. Encyclopedia of Immunology, by Roitt
4. Infectious Diseases, by Hoeprich.
5. Principles & Practice of Infectious diseases, by Donerglas Aan Benett Mendell.

1. Diagnostic microbiology, by Bailey & Scott.
2. Mackie & MacCartney- Vol II (Collee & Duguid) et al.
3. Clinical microbiology procedures handbook, by Henry D et al.
4. Manual for the identification of medical bacteria, by Barrow Cowan & Wren Steel.
5. Clinical microbiology, by Ridgeway Stokes & Wren.
6. Basic lab procedures in clinical microbiology, by WHO
7. Basic lab procedures in clinical parasitology, by WHO.
8. Microbiological methods, by Collins & Lyne.

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